In 2020 the Belgian Network for Clinical Stroke Trialswas formally endorsed by the BSC. Over the years many experience has been gained in conducting stroke-related translational research, epidemiology, clinical trials, neuroimaging and biomarker studies, health services and health economics research, with international-level outputs.

Despite high-quality stroke-related research by several groups and good infrastructure, access to this expertise and infrastructure for clinical trials of new treatments to prevent and treat stroke is currently under-utilized.

Our overall aim is to establish a sustainable Clinical Stroke Trials Network of Belgian hospitals to improve the efficiency of conducting high-quality clinical trials of stroke prevention, treatment, and recovery, thus increasing access of Belgian patients to new stroke treatments.

List of participating centers and principal investigators:

AZ Damiaan (Dr Terwecoren)
AZ Groeninge (Prof Vanacker)
AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende (Dr Vanhooren and De Blauwe)
CHC Liège (Dr Desfontaines)
CHR Mons Hainaut Jolimont (Dr Maftei)
CHU A. Paré (Dr Dagonnier)
CHU UCL Namur (Prof Vandermeeren)
Europe Hospitals (Dr Rutgers)
St. Pierre University Hospital (Dr Schulz)
UCL (Dr Peeters)
ULB (Dr Ligot)
UZA (Prof Vanacker and Yperzeele)
UZ Leuven (Dr Demeestere and Prof Lemmens )
UZ Brussel (Prof De Raedt)
UZ Gent (Prof De Herdt and Dr Hemelsoet)

Currently active trials