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BSC National Symposium

Every year the BSC organises a National Scientific Symposium and awards several prizes.

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Stroke research

Belgian Network for Clinical Stroke Trials (BENET)


The Belgian Network for Clinical Stroke Trials (BeNET) was created in 2019  within a working group of the Scientific Board of the Belgian Stroke Council. The overall aim is to establish a sustainable Clinical Stroke Trials Network of Belgian hospitals to improve the efficiency of conducting high-quality clinical trials on stroke prevention, treatment and recovery, thus increasing access of Belgian patients to new stroke treatments.
BeNET is part of the Belgian Stroke Council with a separate steering committee currently lead by Robin Lemmens. In 2020, BeNET joined the European Stroke Organization Trials Alliance (ESOTA). Currently 16 sites are involved in BeNET and we would like to invite additional centers to join. Please send an email to if you are interested in receiving more information or with a request to join BeNET.

List of Belgian BeNET centers

Stroke Action Plan Europe (SAP-E)


The Stroke Action Plan for Europe (SAP-E) 2018-2030 was created as a result of collaborative work between Stroke Alliance For Europe (SAFE), a coalition that represents stroke support organisations across Europe, and the European Stroke Organisation (ESO). SAP-E addresses the entire chain of stroke care from primary prevention until life after stroke. It provides a roadmap and outlines recommendations and targets for 2030 to nudge governments towards improving stroke care.

If interested, please feel free to join the Belgian representatives, please contact Sylvie De Raedt ( )

Call for collaboration

Effect of virtual reality on gait pattern after chronic stroke (VUB)
Population: chronic (> 3 mo) stroke patients with persistent walking difficulties
Intervention: 2 treadmill walking sessions of 4×8 minutes
Link: more information

Intensive Stroke Rehabilitation – HABIT-ILE (UCL Namur)
Population: chronic (> 6 mo) stroke patients with hemiparesis affecting the hand / arm
Intervention: 50 hours of intensive therapy spread over 2 weeks
Link: more information

Yearly research grants offered by the Belgian Stroke Council

BSC Peeters-Vanhooren ESOC Travel Grant

With the intention of supporting young researchers, the yearly BSC Peeters-Vanhooren Travel Grant will be offered to the best presentation at the Belgian Stroke Council Scientific workshop.

The laureate will have the opportunity to briefly present his/her work during the BSC International Symposium and will be offered a travel grant to cover her/his participation to the European Stroke Organisation Conference (ESOC)

Structured abstracts should present original work on all topics related to stroke, should not exceed 300 words, should be written in English and be submitted before November 1st 2021.

Previous laureates of the BSC Peeters-Vanhooren travel grant

2021: Chiara Tatillo

2020: Senna Staessens

2019 : Lauranne Scheldeman

2018 : Clément Brunner

2017 : Anke Wouters

2016 : Frederik Denorme

Helaers Research Prize for Stroke

From 2017 onwards, the Helaers foundation is awarding an annual prize for innovative stroke research. The winner of this prize is selected by the Scientific Board of the Belgian Stroke Council. 

Deadline for abstract submission: to be determined

The winner of the prize will be presented at the Belgian Stroke Council Scientific Symposium. 

Rules & Regulations (English)

Réglement (Français)

Reglement (Nederlands)

Previous laureates of the Helaers Research Prize for Stroke

2021: Sarah Vandelanotte

2020: Annelies Mondelaers

2019 : Charlotte Germonpré

2018 : Caroline Loos

2017 : Sofie de Blauwe

Best Belgian Scientific Stroke Workshop presentation

The best presentation at the Belgian Scientific Workshop is selected by the organizing committee. The winner is given the chance to present her/his work at the annual BSC Scientific Symposium

Deadline for abstract submission: June 30th 2021.

Send 250 word abstract to

Past best presentation winners:

2020: Ioannis Doumas
2019 : Sophie Elands

Past Belgian Scientific Workshop Programmes


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