Stroke & Go

Stroke & Go

This association, established on 25 December 2019, aims to:

  • Counselling of patients who have had a stroke
  • Inform the population, in particular young people
  • Encourage the practice of adapted sports

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Recognize stroke – get acquainted with the FAST score

Treatment of brain infarct becomes less effective over time. Earlier hospital admission and treatment may help avoid disability. The Face-Arm-Speech-Time (FAST) score teaches us the most common symptoms of stroke, in order to recognize it faster and get treated!...

Stroke Action Plan Europe – 11 May

For the European Stroke Awareness Day (May the 11th), The European Stroke Organisation and the Stroke Alliance for Europe are asking Europe officials to sign the Declaration of the Stroke Action Plan Europe (SAP-E).  Two members of the Belgian Stroke Council are...